Doodle God 4

Doddle God 4 is a basic, yet extremely difficult flash game. Your goal is to find a way to create every element you can think of. How will you do this? By combining any elements you created in the first three games of the series. You have plenty of things to work with, so start combining them until you find something that works.

This game is all about figuring out which elements will work great when you combine them. Can you get something from mixing fire with water? What about air with dust? Take a look at your huge inventory and pick the two elements you want to mix. If nothing happens, try again until you bring a new element into existence. If something does, you are one step closer to reaching the end of Doodle God 4. This is a very exciting game and it will strain your brain from the first moment you start playing it. The top side of the screen will show you how many elements you have to create if you want to finish the game, so your work is cut out for you. If at any point during the game you don't know what to do, click the light bulb and you will receive a clue.

Doddle God 4 is a very exciting and entertaining puzzle game and the whole concept is based around trial and error. Get to the end of it by mixing the right elements and the world you've created will be complete.